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Internationella forskningspublikationer (engelska)

The potential of video feedback interventions to improve parent-child interaction skills in parents with intellectual disability. (Hamby, Lunkenheimer & Fisher, 2019). (Maila till för att få artikeln skickad).

Video feedback for parental sensitivity and attachment security in children under five years. (O’Hara et al, 2019). (Maila till för att få artikeln skickad).

Video Feedback Intervention With Children: A Systematic Review. (Balldin, Wirtberg & Fisher, 2018). (Maila till för att få artikeln skickad).

Promoting Healthy Child Development via a Two-Generation Translational Neuroscience Framework: The Filming Interactions to Nurture Development Video Coaching Program. (Fisher et al, 2016).

Effects of a video feedback parent training program during child welfare visitation. (Nese, Anderson, Ruppert & Fisher, 2016. (Maila till för att få artikeln skickad).

Using video feedback as a tool in training parent coaches: promising results from a single-subject design. Meade, Dozier & Bernard, 2014.

Looking from the outside in: the use of video in attachment-based interventions. (Steele et al, 2014).

A case study of parent–child interactions of a child with autistic spectrum disorder (3–48 months) and comparison with typically-developing peers. (Hedenbro & Tjus, 2007). (Maila för att få tillgång till artikeln).

Play With Me at My Speed: Describing Differences in the Tempo of Parent-Infant Interactions in the Lausanne Triadic Play Paradigm in Two Cultures. (Hedenbro, Shapiro & Gottman, 2006). (Maila för att få tillgång till artikeln).

Nationella forskningspublikationer (svenska)

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Populärvetenskapliga artiklar (engelska)

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